Customer-Specific Customized Solutions to Overcome Last Mile Connectivity in Brownfield Environments 

Derwiser Communication Inc., through its India operation as Derwiser India, is already taking on large challenges and successfully overcoming them in the Indian structured cabling market. With global certification and proven quality deliverables, Derwiser India’s strong local team is helping customers overcome last mile connectivity challenges in mission-critical applications. Some customers have specific requirements, and Derwiser successfully helps create happy customers. 

Vanijya Bhawan – Ministry of Trade & Commerce HQ 

The realm of commerce thrives on seamless communication and data exchange. Vanijya Bhawan, the esteemed Ministry of Trade & Commerce HQ for the Government of India, embarked on a journey to bolster connectivity for streamlined operations. Derwiser joined forces as the catalyst, introducing cutting-edge solutions to elevate their connectivity landscape. 

Challenges faced at Site 

Customer M/s. NBCC Ltd developed and delivered the greenfield Headquarters of the Ministry of Trade & Commerce with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure. The customer came up with additional data points, surveillance, and communication points for various applications, with some installation challenges due to site readiness. The entire application was to be at 10G Base-T copper and 40G fiber backbone. Also, considering the expectation of robust connectivity to enhance communication between various departments, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and elevate operational efficiency with seamless connectivity, the solution provided by Derwiser India team had to match and exceed the customer’s desired performance level. 

Our Solution 

Derwiser, in collaboration with its technology partner, designed a comprehensive solution to achieve last mile connectivity from the aspect of Data, Voice, Video, Surveillance, Access control & Backbone fiber solutions. 

Since almost all solutions required 10G Base over IP, and a few end devices were expected to perform at POE TYPE4 (, we conducted a survey with the help of our technology partner and designed the solution as follows: 

  • Cat6A U/UTP LSZH Copper Solutions for Indoor applications. 
  • CAT 6A U/UTP ECSS Armored Copper Solutions for Outdoor applications. 
  • Transparent Spring Shuttered Modular UL 1683 Approved Patch Panel for robust connectivity and a dust-free environment. 
  • Self-Interlock hinged strain relief Toolless Jack for high-performance quality termination at the last mile. 
  • UV Protected ECSS armored Indoor/Outdoor ultra-low-loss G.657A1, 12F SM OS2 OFC for backbone connectivity. 
  • Fully loaded telescopic sliding LIU for smooth installation of fiber cable and accessories. 


Strategic Implementation 

Derwiser worked in tandem with all the stakeholders/key decision-makers from M/s. NBCC Ltd, M/s. Parnika, System Integrator – M/s. Momentum Techsys Pvt Ltd & Consultants / Architects for smooth coordination, proper implementation, training the site engineers for quality termination, and post-implementation testing to achieve the desired maximum results. 

Impact & Outcomes 

The successful on-time delivery and smooth implementation helped us deliver to the site on time, meeting the end-user timeline. It was inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, for the nation. 

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