FTTx, or Fiber to the x, is a cutting-edge technology that enables high-speed internet access to homes, businesses, and other premises. Derwiser is proud to manufacture FTTx passive cabling solutions that include drop cables, splitters, home termination boxes, and different types of LIU and floor or pole/wall mount distribution boxes. Our products are designed to provide the highest level of performance and quality, while also being cost-effective for installers.

Our FTTx passive cabling solutions are low-loss, which provides more flexibility and bandwidth to the user. This means that our products can deliver high-speed internet access that meets the needs of today’s businesses and homes. Our solutions are also scalable, which means that they can be easily upgraded to meet future requirements. This ensures that our clients can enjoy high-speed internet access for years to come.

Derwiser’s FTTx passive cabling solutions are designed to be reliable and robust. Our products are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that they can withstand the toughest conditions. Our solutions are also easy to install, which reduces installation time and cost.

Our drop cables are designed to provide a reliable connection between the distribution box and the premise. Our splitters are designed to split the fiber signal into multiple fibers, which is necessary to connect multiple premises to a single distribution box. Our home termination boxes are designed to provide a clean and organized termination point for the fiber, making it easy to connect to the user’s devices. Our LIU and floor or pole/wall mount distribution boxes are designed to be easily mounted and provide a secure and organized termination point for the fiber.

At Derwiser, we are committed to providing the best FTTx passive cabling solutions to our clients. We believe that our solutions can help businesses and homes achieve their goals by providing reliable and scalable connectivity.

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