Transforming Healthcare: Haryana’s Greenfield Medical College Hospital with Derwiser Products

The Government of Haryana, India, embarked on the development of a cutting-edge superspecialist medical college hospital in Mahendrakar District. With a planned capacity of 880 beds, including 100 ICU beds, this greenfield project spans 80.63 acres and boasts 100 MBBS seats. 

Addressing Healthcare Environmental Cabling Concerns 

Healthcare environments demand the utmost attention. Every stakeholder anticipates a non-hazardous and eco-friendly IT infrastructure that is not only cutting-edge but also robust and high performing networking solutions. 

Our Solution 

Derwiser’s team of experts meticulously understood the requirements through the RFP process, providing tailored solutions for data, voice, video, CCTV, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The backbone of these solutions was Derwiser’s top-tier product offerings: 

  • Cat6 Cables and accessories meeting 1 Gigabyte throughput standards. 
  • Fiber optic cable compliant with SM OS2 G.652.D standards for virtually unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Advanced Cat6 U/UTP cables that adhere to IEC 60332-2-3 standards, ensuring high-speed data transfer and fire-resistant connectivity. 
  • Toolless I/O with hinged strain relief and bend-limiting boot, enhancing cable protection and performance. 

This comprehensive solution ensured seamless connectivity, fostering operational efficiency and patient care excellence. 

Impact & Results 

The completion of Phase 1 marked a monumental milestone. KORIYAWAS Medical College Hospital underwent a transformative journey, experiencing heightened connectivity that bolstered operational efficiency and elevated patient care standards. Strategically deploying 2545 Copper Drops, the hospital’s digital ecosystem flourished, embracing agility and excellence. 

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